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      Hunan Jingzheng equipment of billions of dollars.SITE:Home > News > Hunan Jingzheng equipment of billions of dollars.

      Hunan Jingzheng equipment of billions of dollars.

      Information Sources:Hunan precision equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.  Release Time:2016/1/18  Number:6846Second
      Twenty years of vicissitudes of life, twenty years of hard struggle, today ushered in the harvest of joy and.
      The general manager of the enterprise was named "outstanding entrepreneur", "party friends pacesetter", the Ninth "venture star", was elected to the Xiangtan business part-time vice chairman of the tenth Xiangtan Municipal People's Congress.
      The enterprise is as a high-tech enterprises, has won the good faith, quality, credit, keep the contract unit unit credit integrity unit, taxpayer science and technology progress award, the honorary title of advanced grass-roots party organizations.
      November 28, 2013 is the twenty anniversary of the founding of the company, the company keishi. In our celebration of twenty anniversary, in October 18, 2013 the company has received orders 118 million, a gift for our Qingxian!
      Billions of dollars, marking the enterprise into a new starting point, the road is very long, there will be a new development, we need to continue our efforts. We will grasp from the principle of prior life, adhere to the fundamental quality and integrity, develop the service industry, service user style. Based on the purpose of for the society to create prosperity and create value for the customer to make fine products, making the enterprise stronger, the good reputation with friends in the same industry together, Qingqi sunshine industry banner, to revitalize national industry made due contribution!

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