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      Customer service service commitment
      The quality guarantee period is not 1 years after passing the acceptance of delivery. In the warranty period, all fault free maintenance occurred due to product quality problems, and the implementation of "Three Guarantees" service for the product.
      Free adjustment period: each station put into use during the first half of the year (run in period), our company is on the garbage station free to conduct a comprehensive adjustment of oil lubrication, etc..
      Patrol System: in the warranty period of customer service product regularly inspection and maintenance of technical guidance, inspection period for 2 months.
      Repair system: when the station operation fails, the user request, ensure that within 24 hours of maintenance personnel arrived at the scene within 8 hours of troubleshooting.
      Use range
      Widely used in offices, schools, hotels, streets, farms, apartments, residential, residential, factories and other facilities of sanitation facilities.
      Note: please participate in the training of personnel in the Changsha bus station by bus to Shaoshan
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      China household electrical appliances association foaming equipment Specialized Committee
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