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      Hunan Jingzheng Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and service of polyurethane equipment machinery and technology Professional Company. After nearly 27 years of development, Hunan Jingzheng Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd has grown into the leading of China's polyurethane equipment machinery and production line industry, the overall elimination of ODS professional manufacturers and high-tech enterprises. Company to revitalize China polyurethane industry as its mission, is committed to provide first-class products and sincere to the week service for the vast number of users.
      The company's main products for high pressure foaming machine, polyurethane panels continuous foaming production line, multi station car seat oval foaming line for representatives of the various types of production lines, polyol and pentane premixing machine, raw material storage system and elastomer pouring machine series equipment. Services include home appliances, automobile interiors, insulation materials, thermal insulation pipes, refrigeration industry. Products are also exported to eleven countries.
      The company has strong technical innovation ability and market development ability, but also depends on the strong research technology and manufacturing capabilities, has a strong market competition strength. Company with innovative design, exquisite production, first-class products and satisfactory service for many enterprises at home and abroad, Haier, Hisense, Himin, FAW Volkswagen, Zhengzhou Yutong, Chery, modern, Johnson Controls, Lear, Tianjin, Harbin thermal power, Henan Tianfeng, provides a large number of series equipment, has established a good reputation, received recognition and trust of users.
      Companies have with Germany, Italy, Korea, the United States and other equipment manufacturers and domestic well-known institutions to establish a good relationship of cooperation. Company and Tsinghua University, Department of materials science and engineering, cooperation in the development of "ceramic colloidal injection moulding machine" for the country "863 Plan" project, in cooperation with the United States Johnson developed polyol automatically pre mixed system for automotive seat production line of heavy equipments, to fill the domestic blank, the independent development of the four component high pressure foaming machine won the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund to support the project, recently developed a successful double track continuous foaming production line for further extension of the company's products chain, as a new economic growth point.
      Pursuit of specialization, to concentrate all your energies on the polyurethane equipment and technology of the profession, and to hold stronger completes the determination, holding the attitude of the pursuit of perfect, in the aspect of management, technology, brand, sales, and service efforts to form their own core competence and advantage, the company obtained great progress, business area and continues to expand the scale, product technology content and quality of rising.
      Companies advocating innovation and competition, the pursuit of excellence, precision production, integrity management; customer first, cooperation and win-win. As a result of good performance, has repeatedly been rated as advanced enterprises, large taxpayer, the contract and trustworthy enterprises, quality and reputation of outstanding enterprises and advanced technology enterprises.


      Hunan precision equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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