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      Welcome to Hunan precision equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
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      Jing enterprise vision
      Continue to improve, the company built the world polyurethane equipment machinery industry in a highly competitive enterprise.
      Essence is enterprise mission
      To create value for the user, to improve the lives of employees, to take responsibility for the community.
      Essence of philosophy of enterprise
      Man and man believe in man and man
      Essence is the enterprise spirit
      Attention: sincere style qiuzheng refinement: serious pursuit of specialization
      Pragmatic: respect for Science Innovation: realistic pioneering innovation pioneers
      Essence of enterprise value
      User oriented talent first efficiency supreme struggle
      Essence is enterprise employees believe
      Open source in the market, in the production of cutting. Reactive power is over, the flag is the only.


      Hunan precision equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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